June 6, 1944 It seems to me that fewer and fewer people remember the importance events on June 6th played in history. After all, June sixth is my birthday. Big deal, you say. Well, you’re right. My birthday isn’t a big deal except to me and my family, but even as a small child, I … [Read more…]

Memorial Day Thanks

This was a good week. Celebration and remembrance of those who sacrificed so we can retain our freedom always makes me thankful. It’s inspiring to drive along the streets of my small town and see row after row of flags waving in the breeze. Well, it was more like a hurricane than a breeze, but … [Read more…]

Country Total Body Workout

I think I’ve found out a sure fire way to make my fortune. Total Body Country Workout. That’s the name of my new business. Instead of going to a crowded exercise facility, you can come to the farm, workout in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Replace the treadmill by walking several miles a … [Read more…]


Farming vs #writemotivation My goals for #writemotivation were pushed off track this week. We have eighty acres of new seeding, oats and alfalfa. This is the first watering of the season, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck. Trudging through mud and using a hoe to get the water down the … [Read more…]


 #writemotivation and the super moon I tried for a picture of the moon on Saturday night, but my camera exposure was off. I had a great picture of night but no moon. I settled on a picture of Communication instead. This is my first post for #writemotivation, and I’m excited. I met my goals for … [Read more…]

Munchkins But Not From The Wizard Of Oz

    Tumbleweed  Munchkin Kittens Miss Congeniality Bramble Munchkins  Fancy-Long Legged Dreamy are a genetically natural breed of cat commonly called the Corgi of the cat world. Short-legged cats have been documented a number of times around the world since the 1940s. A British veterinary report in 1944 noted four generations of healthy short-legged cats … [Read more…]


Imagine my surprise when I discovered Julia Barrett has given me the honor of nominating me for the Liebster award.  It’s sort of a blogging award. I think it was to pay me back for tagging her in the #777 game. I have met and follow so many talented and friendly bloggers that it will be … [Read more…]

Bringing in the New Year with Words of Hope

     As the clock ticks past the first minute of the first day of January, we begin celebrating the arrival of 2012, looking forward to a year of peace and harmony and finishing the darn book.       Last year seemed to bring disaster in many ways, to many people around the world. It also brought … [Read more…]


Another season of NaNo has arrived and the first four days were great. I love NaNo. Well, I did until today. Today I wrote a big fat zero. Life got in the way. Tomorrow I’ll need twice as many words spilling from my brain. Wish me luck.What do you do to keep yourself on track? … [Read more…]