Tied To A Dream

Tied To A Dream

No more cowboys…

Or western knights-in-shining-armor…

Not even the Marlboro Man himself!

Being alone has taught Frannie to be self-sufficient, but being Superwoman is harder than it looks.

She’s pulling an all-night drive to reach her next rodeo. It’s past midnight on a lonely mountain road, and if she doesn’t catch a few winks, there’s a better than average chance she’ll run her rig into the river.

Dreams of winning barrel races are interrupted when a stranger knocks on her truck’s window. He’s a cowboy by the looks of his black Stetson and tight Wranglers. But what’s the man doing out here?

His deep blue eyes and sexy smile have her reaching for the door handle when her brain finally takes control. Her mama taught her manners, and her daddy taught her to be tough. But, her brother and her ex pounded home the fact that not everyone is trustworthy.

His offer of aid is tempting.

She knows being safe is better than sorry, but he’d helped her earlier at the rodeo, and sometimes a cowgirl has to go with her gut.

You’ll love this contemporary rodeo romance, because love isn’t always blind.

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