Gimme Some Sugar

He needs a ranch cook. She’s desperate for a job. Can a city slicker and a cowboy rustle up a recipe for romance?
Pastry chef, Cary Crockett, is on the run. Pursued by a loan shark bent on retrieving gambling debts owed him by her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, she finds the perfect hiding place at the remote Circle W Ranch. More at home with city life, cupcakes and croissants than beef, beans and bacon, she must convince rancher Micah West she’s up to the job of feeding his hired hands. The overwhelming attraction she feels toward him was nowhere in the job description.

Micah West has a big problem. The camp-cook on his central Oregon ranch has up and quit without notice, and his crew of hungry cowboys is about to mutiny. He needs a man to cook for his cowboys. Just not this sexy blonde. He agrees to hire Cary on a temporary basis, just until he finds the right man to fill the job. When she hits it off with his precocious eight-year-old daughter, he fears his hands-off policy towards the help may be null and void.

Terrified her past will come back to bite her, Cary worries the violent moneylender will eventually shoot down her growing feelings for the kind rancher. And, when Micah’s scheming ex shows up to pretend at playing mother, his home may not be big enough for both women.

Are Cary and Micah a flash in the pan, or can their love rise above it all?

Gimme Some Sugar is the first book in the stirring Sugar Coated Cowboys contemporary Western romance series. If you like rugged ranchers, quirky heroines, and a healthy dose of suspense, you’ll adore Stephanie Berget’s sweet story.