Cowboy’s Sweetheart

Byron Garrett found peace on the Circle W ranch.
As a cowboy, he’s far from his controlling father and the man’s demands that Byron make him proud as a pro football player. Born a city boy, he’s discovered a passion for the land, his horses and the cowboy way of life. He’s created the lifestyle he always wanted, and it doesn’t include a woman or the complications that come with love. At least, not until a bubbly artist shows up and does her best to tear down the corral he’s built around his heart.

Vivi Beckett is searching for home.
After traveling the country, she’s finally found it in the beautiful wilds of Oregon. With the inheritance left her when she was orphaned, she can buy a place to live and create her art. But after meeting Byron, Vivi suspects her dream alone won’t be enough to bring her happiness … not unless he’s at her side.

All of Vivi’s dreams are at risk when she discovers her inheritance is in jeopardy. She needs help, but will Byron be willing to join her on a different, and perhaps even better path, and make her a Cowboy’s Sweetheart?

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