Will the Nook Survive?

I spent several hours on Friday setting up my old Nook for my mother to use. She’s always been a voracious reader and just recently decided she wanted to try an e-reader. She’s like me in that sometimes technology eludes her, so she didn’t want to buy a new one, only to find out she … [Read more…]

Who’s Your Bookish Boyfriend?

The famous, or is it infamous, Julia Rachel Barrett tagged me with this meme. Thanks, I think. When I read the title of the post, the first man I thought of is Jamie Fraser from Outlander. He’s not the type I’d pick for this article, but then, he’s Jamie. Enough said. So here’s how this … [Read more…]

Blogging and The Cowboy and the Trophy Gopher

I struggle when it comes to writing blog posts. I know. You’d think someone who can talk non-stop to anyone and anything would be able to put a few words down on a paper once a month. I panic just thinking about crafting an article on subjects the social media experts tell me are important. … [Read more…]

To All My Friends and Family

Best Wishes for Peace, Happiness and Health in 2013.  Let it be a great year, and don’t forget to have a little fun.    I’d like to give special thanks to the wonderful people who have helped me beyond measure this year: Amity Grays Julia Barrett My husband, the Bronc Rider Wonderful Beta Reader, Tonya … [Read more…]

Diane J Reed–Author, Master of Fairy Lore

It is my pleasure to have my friend and terrific author, Diane J Reed as my guest blogger, today. I have been one of her greatest fans since reading her debut book, TWIXT. I was enchanted, frightened and completely fascinated by the characters and setting, which is in the Idaho mountains near where I was … [Read more…]

The Next Big Thing

Thanks to friend, fellow writer and All-Around cowgirl, Kari Lynn Dell, I’ve been tagged in The Next Big Thing meme. The premise is for an author to answer ten questions about the project they’re working on, so here goes: What is the working title of your next book? Sugarwater Ranchhas been the working title, but … [Read more…]


We are having most of the family over for a big traditional feast. Where ever you are and what ever you are doing, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Smile and enjoy today.

Expressing Freedom

             I’m so excited to have my friend and fellow writer, Craig Carter, here today. He writes, among other things, a weekly editorial for the Argus Observer. EXPRESSING FREEDOM by Craig Carter                 Here’s something interesting.  According to the US Census and the Centers for Disease Control, the five fattest states in the country are … [Read more…]

End of Summer–or the last cutting of hay

  About this time of year, the last cutting of hay takes place here in the Western Treasure Valley. This is what it looks like on our farm. First the swather cuts it and arranges it into rows. After being cut, it drys from one to several days in the field, depending on the moisture … [Read more…]