Rodeo Cohorts-The Greats

This week’s blog is a little different. I saw this picture on The Old Bucking Horse Museum and Hall of Fame page and loved it. It’s a photo of the Saddle Bronc Riding finalists at the Lewison, Idaho Roundup rodeo in 1952. They are, from left to right, Bob Sheppard, Bill Linderman, Deb Copenhaver, Gene … [Read more…]

Rodeo Cohorts-Bodacious

The World’s Most Dangerous Bull That is the title given to Bodacious, PBR World Champion Bull and PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year. Bodacious was born in 1988 and became infamous in the world of rodeo, not only as one of the great bucking bulls but also as a sire. Many of his sons and … [Read more…]

Rodeo Cohorts-Texaco and Brazille

Ever wonder how Trevor Brazille got his calf horse, Texaco?  The little red horse who’s registered name is Real “Someone offered owner Bob Scott $200,000 for him before the NCHA  cutting futurity,” says Brazile. “Bob turned it down, and in the futurity, the horse ran off and refused to cut.” It turns out Texaco was … [Read more…]

Rodeo Cohorts–Night Jacket

If you ask around bucking horse circles, one name keeps coming up as a top contender for all-time top bucking horse sire–Night Jacket. The big paint stud is made a name for himself as a bareback bronc first, then after retirement, his colts have populated the best bucking horse of the year lists. Night Jacket … [Read more…]

Rodeo Cohorts-Peanut

Peanut, Make It Do, came by his nickname honestly. When he was unloaded at the Bay Meadows Track in 1966 for training, he was a scraggy two-year old, much smaller than the other Quarter Horses coming into the barn. He was owned by well-known horseman, Judd Morse, who predicted the 850 pound midget would win … [Read more…]

Rodeo Cohorts–Scamper

Today I’m starting a new blog called Rodeo Cohorts. One of the definitions of cohort is a companion or associate. That is what the equine contestants in rodeo are, companions and associates to the people who ride them and enjoy watching them compete. I’m going to spotlight a different horse each week, including barrel, rope … [Read more…]

Marvin the Manic Meadow Lark

For some reason, we attract the loony Meadow Larks. The sane ones go someplace else to live. For the last few years, we had a female who nested in the rain gutter right by our front door. She wasn’t happy when people came in and out that door and her anger only increased. Each year, … [Read more…]

Perseverance Wins the Race

As I walked in the door of Patty’s Parlor of Pain, better known as Aarstadt’s Fitness Center, I saw this saying framed and hanging on the wall. That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do it is … [Read more…]