National Novel Writers Month


November first is the beginning of the 2016 National Novel Writers Month. Or as it’s more affectionately known, NaNoWriMo. Thousands of writers from all over the world join in with the goal of writing 50,000 words in the month of November. That’s 1667 words a day, each day in the month.

And the prize for all this work? Nothing. Well, nothing but the pride of accomplishing your goal and of finishing a book. The first book I sold, Sugarwater Ranch, was a NaNo book and I’ve won a couple of other times with Radio Rose and a work in progress. I work better under a deadline and as a born pantser, this is a great way for me to get rid of the procrastination fairy that rides on my shoulder.

Coffee helps the process, oh boy does it, and I’m going to award myself with this mug if I win.

14523092_1209743089088755_406920691489959407_nSo if you don’t hear from me much next month, you’ll know I’m immersed in Skye and Byron’s story, A Cowboy’s Sweetheart. The third in the Sugar-coated Cowboys series.

Have a great November. See you December First.