Work in Progress-Balancing The Books

Here’s an excerpt from one of the books I’m working on. Hope you enjoy it.
Glancing over her right shoulder, she backed onto the street. Right into a very solid something. The impact snapped her head forward. Instinct jammed her foot on the brake. She leapt at the falling flowers. Her hands closed around the vase, her elbow hit the cup holder, and her coffee painted the inside of her car espresso brown.
As she lay across the seat with the vase in her hands, coffee dripping from the dash, she heard a tap on the side window, and looked up to see a policeman standing beside her car. 

By the time he’d walked around the front, Ellie had grabbed the flowers, jumped out and was standing beside her car with the vase in her hands and water dripping down the front of her blouse.
At least the coffee had missed her. It had only doused most of the interior. She glanced into the car and thought of the sticky, sweet drink flowing into all the crevasses of the dash. I really needed that caffeine.
Her gaze moved from the mess inside to the man in front of her. She tried to smile, but her lip just trembled at the sight of this small town policeman wearing a stern cop expression like he’d been born with it.  

When Ellie looked over her shoulder and saw the rear end of her car, she knew why. She’d backed into the police cruiser. Less than one hour in town, and she’d become an enemy of the law. She took a deep breath then let the air out slowly. Maybe that was blowing things out of proportion.
Turning back, with every intention of apologizing, Ellie froze. She’d calmed down enough to look at him again and recognition dawned. The words she’d prepared to say stuck in her throat and refused to move. Realizing her mouth hung open, she snapped it shut. Her really-bad-luck day had just become the worst.
Not only was she in trouble with the law, the law in Unique, Idaho was Damien, the devil, Quinn.

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