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Hello Evernight Readers,

I’d like to introduce you all to Sean O’Connell, the hero of Sugarwater Ranch and his best friend and Catherine’s cousin, Ray “Junior” Silvera.
             Sean was raised in a rodeo family in the small ranching community of Dalhart, Oregon. He’s spent the last ten years doing just what he wants, following the rodeo trail, riding bulls and partying with his friends. If you ask Sean, he’d tell you there is no better feeling than climbing on a hard bucking bull.

For the first time in years, he’s landed back in Dalhart, in the middle of the winter, forced to take a job on a local ranch. And the funny thing is, he kind of likes it.
 Stephanie: I’d like to welcome Sean O’Connell and Junior Silvera to my blog today. Gentlemen, please tell us a little about yourselves.
Sean: Well, I’m pretty ordinary. I work on a ranch babysitting a bunch of mama cows.
Junior: Sean rides bulls.
Stephanie: That doesn’t sound ordinary to me. Riding bulls isn’t something most men do. How did you get started?
Sean: My dad and granddad rodeoed. Dad rode saddle broncs and granddad did everything. I was riding horses before I could walk and started riding steers in grade school.
Stephanie: Those bulls are big and mean. Aren’t you scared?
Sean: Nah, I love the rush. There’s isn’t a better feeling in the world than getting in the chute, nodding my head and going head to head with a powerful animal. But that’s just a sport. Junior here is the special one.
Junior: Oh, Sean.
Stephanie: It looks like Junior is a little shy. Why do you say he’s special, Sean?
Sean: My buddy Junior has the ability to see beyond a person’s faults and find the good in everybody, and let me tell you, he had to look some to find my nice side.
Junior: Sean’s my friend and Catherine’s, too. He takes me out to the ranch.
Stephanie: Which ranch is that?
Sean: The Quarter Circle A. Old man Aguirre needed help, and I needed a job. I guess I needed the job more than Ben had need for a ranch hand, but we get along just fine.
Junior: Sean takes care of the baby calves, and he lets me help.
Sean: Junior is my right hand man.
Stephanie: It sounds like we’ve found out what you like. What do you dislike the most?
Junior: Orange
Stephanie: Orange? The fruit?
Junior? The color. Orange is the bad people’s color.
Stephanie: Sean?
Sean: I told you Junior’s special. He sees auras around most folks, can tell things about them by the color they are.
Stephanie: Really? That’s amazing
Junior: It’s okay if you don’t believe me. Nobody but Catherine and Sean do.
Stephanie: What color am I?
Junior: Colors are secret. I’ll tell you when everyone isn’t listening.
Stephanie: What about you, Sean? What do you dislike the most?
Sean: Oh, I don’t dislike much of anything. Maybe green beans.
Stephanie: You sound like you’re pretty happy with your life.
Sean: What’s not to like? I’ve got the best job in the world, riding bulls, and I mostly do what I want the rest of the time.
Stephanie: If you got to spend the day with anyone, who would it be?
Sean: Probably Ty Murray, one of the greatest cowboys ever to ride a bucking horse or bull. Yeah, Ty or Larry Mahan.
Junior: I’d go with Sean.
Stephanie: Who’s your favorite musician?
Sean: That’s easy. George Strait, the King of Country. He sings rodeo music.
Junior: I like all, music, except that rap crap. That’s what my papa calls it. *smile*
Stephanie: We’ve got time for one more question. What do you want most out of life?
Sean: To make it to the PBR Finals.
Stephanie: Anything else?
Sean: Don’t tell Catherine, but I’d like to figure out what makes her tick.
Junior: I’m going to tell. (with a grin)
Stephanie: Before the wrestling match starts, I’d like to say thanks for visiting with me today.
Sean: Adios.
Junior: Bye bye.
Sugarwater Ranch Blurb:
Sean O’Connell is the ultimate free-spirit. Riding bulls for a living, following the rodeo trail then partying with his friends in celebration, is the perfect life. That is, until the parties affect his riding, and he’s left too broke to head south for the winter circuit.
As she closes her Uncle Ray’s Sugarwater Bar just outside of Dalhart, Oregon, Catherine Silvera drives the perimeter before heading home.  In the parking lot sits a solitary pickup containing a very wet, very drunk cowboy. The temperature of an eastern Oregon night in January is way south of frozen. The next morning, instead of finding a grateful man, she’s stuck with an arrogant cowboy who riles her like a yowling tom cat at midnight. The only good part of this whole situation is the way Sean fills out his Wranglers.
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  1. thats a hard one because i love Samual Elliot like from Road House, but then
    Clint Eastwood is such a icon and woulld be such a dream to meet, i don't really no i actully did meet samual elliot when i was 15 working at a fine dining place but i only said hi, he was nice but we were not allowed to talk to much to him per our job and boss, so i guess i would ask clint if he is anything like his rolls on tv and same thing with samual elliot and what patrick swaze was like, i loved him so sad. but thank you for the giveaway

  2. No real cowboys for me. None of my favorite actors ever portrayed a cowboy that I can recall. So, fictional one it is. The cowboy I would want to talk to is George Knight from a book called George's Turn. Not only is he a cowboy who has had a rough lot in life, but he mates a Timber Wolf Shifter. Some of the questions I would ask are as follows:
    1. How hard has it been to change careers from a cowboy full time to an awesome cook?
    2. What's it like being mated to a shifter?
    3. How hard was it to adjust to the idea that shifters actually existed?
    4. What do you miss most about being a cowboy?


  3. I don't have a particuliar cowboy in mind, but I'd ask what made them decide to be one? If they enjoy their life and if they would change anything about it if they could.

  4. Probably John Wayne since my mom you to constantly talk about him. I would ask him:
    Was it hard to learn how to ride.
    Have you always wanted to do westerns?
    Did you miss football after becoming a actor?
    Thank you for the hop!!!!


  5. That's a great question, Shorty. With the cowboys I know, some are born into rodeo or ranching families and some come from the city and make the choice. Thanks for participating. 🙂

  6. Thank you for joining in, Vida. John Wayne is the epitome of a cowboy, that's for sure. I'd be interested to know if he missed football, too.

  7. That's funny, because just yesterday my friends and I were talking about that. I love The Rounders with Glen Ford and Henry Fonda. It's so funny and the roan horse is a kick. Waterhole #3 is fun, too. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I've always wanted to learn more about Charley Parkhurst, who was a renowned stagecoach driver in northern California. Posthumously, Parkhurst was discovered to have been a woman. She shot at least one bandit, and may have been the first woman in California to vote in a presidential election. So many questions, not the least of which was how her secret was kept…

    Trix, vitajex(at)Aol(Dot)com

  9. Bodacious was one of a kind. Thank goodness. Tuff Hedeman's ride was as scary a bull ride as I've ever seen. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  10. That is a question I'd love to know the answer to. He played so many great ones. Thanks for joining in Evernight's Book Boyfriend Blog.

  11. Great question. So many love the outdoors, horses and cattle. They are tough individualists and make their own way. Thanks for commenting.

  12. I would like to go to someone's ranch and ask a real life cowboy about the entire lifestyle! the day to day operation and why they chose to live it? that way I would really understand a cowboys way of life! Thanks for sharing! amybowens34@yahoo.com

  13. Ty Murray – I've ridden all my life and been around a lot of cowboys but I never have understood what would make you bullride!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!
    simondex68 (at) gmail dot com

  14. Most of the ones I know would love to tell you about their lifestyle. You have to love ranching or rodeo to do it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. Hey Stephanie…Couldn't help but wanna answer this one. My fictional cowboy would have to be Bud, played by John Travolta from Urban Cowboy. I was young when that movie came out and since I grew up in NYC, cowboys were scarce. (Except for the naked cowboy who sings in Times Square but I'm not counting him) And again, since I was raised in New York, John Travolta was the perfect cowboy for this city girl. And my question? I'd ask him to teach me how to ride the mechanical bull…

  16. I've never ridden the mechanical bull (I'll stick with horses), but lots of people do. And I bet you'd have fun with John teaching you. 😉

  17. Either John Wayne or Lane Frost for different reasons. John Wayne because I just love his movies so much. I'd like to ask if he realized he would become such a role model to children decades later. (my daughter is 6 and she loves him) Lane Frost because I'd like to know how he feels his death affected bull riding. I love that movie 8 Seconds… cry every time. Thanks for being part of the hop.

  18. Probably Rex Braden from the Love In Bloom series, or Colin Cade from Her Cowboy Hero. And i'd ask why are you guys so stubborn sometimes & not let anyone help you out when u need it? Something like that lol.

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway!!

    I hope you have a great week! =)

    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  19. Sometimes I think stubborn is born into cowboys. Most of the ones I know have that trait in spades. Thanks for visiting my website and the Book Boyfriend Blog Hop. Good luck.

  20. Paul Newman is one of my perennial heartthrobs. He's one for the ages. Thanks for joining in the Book Boyfriend Blog hop.

  21. It would have to be John Wayne. I grew up watching all his movies with my dad. Or the Cartwrights from Bonanza. Watched those with dad too. 😉

  22. Little Joe was the cutest, wasn't he? And John Wayne–one of the greatest. Thank you for joining in Evernight's Blog Hop and for visiting my page.

  23. I'm not a fan of those so I couldn't pick a person or character… I'd ask them what their day t day lives consisted of 🙂

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