Rodeo Cohorts-Bodacious

The World’s Most Dangerous Bull

That is the title given to Bodacious, PBR World Champion Bull and PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year. Bodacious was born in 1988 and became infamous in the world of rodeo, not only as one of the great bucking bulls but also as a sire. Many of his sons and grandsons went on to become top notch bucking bulls in their own right, including Cat Man Do, Copperhead Slinger and Scaredy Cat.

No bull in rodeo history was as feared as Bodacious, a 1,900-pound cross-bred Charbray who was first bucked in 1992. In the four years that Bodacious was hauled to rodeos, he was nearly unrideable. The big yellow bull bucked off 127 of his 135 riders and became known for a bone-crushing style that sent many riders to the hospital, including world champions Tuff Hedeman and Terry Don West.

Bodacious had a distinctive bucking style. He would explode from the chute with such force there were times you could see his belly from the top of the chute. First ridden in 1993, it was two years before another bull rider made a qualified ride. Only 6 cowboys out of a whopping 135 put together an 8 second ride on the huge 1,800 pound yellow bull.
He was named PRCA Bull of the Year in 1994-95 and top bull of the National Finals Rodeo in 1992 and 1994-95. He was retired during the 10th round of the 1995 National Finals Rodeo.

Bodacious is known for one particular trick that resulted in many injuries for the bullriders. He would kick over his head, forcing a rider to shift his weight forward then sling his head up full force, smashing the rider’s face.

Tuff Hedeman is one of the few riders to have ever ridden Bodacious with a 95-point ride in 1993. However, the ride most people remember happened in the short-go of the 1995 PBR World Finals. Tuff was jerked down by Bodacious upon leaving the bucking chute and struck his face on the bull’s head, shattering every major bone in his face.

In 1995, rider Scott Breding tried wearing a hockey mask. However, this failed to protect him adequately. Bodacious head-butted Breding, breaking his nose and bursting his eye sockets.

A few days later, Bodacious was retired from professional bull riding forever. In 1999, Bodacious was inducted into the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and many know him as “the greatest bull to ever buck.”

He lived out the rest of his life on Sammy Andrews’ ranch, where he is buried and fans still come to honor him.

He died in 2000 when a cut was discovered on his foot which caused a bone infection. The medication used to counter act the bone infection caused his kidneys to fail. 

Bodacious was a real star of rodeo being the first bull to have his own agent and merchandise line.

Anyone ever watch Bodacious buck? What an athlete.



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