Meet Sean O’Connell-Bullrider from Sugarwater Ranch

Sean was raised in a rodeo family in the small ranching community of Dalhart, Oregon. He’s spent the last ten years doing just what he wants, following the rodeo trail, riding bulls and partying with his friends. If you ask Sean, he’d tell you there is no better feeling than climbing on a hard bucking bull.


For the first time in years, he’s landed back in Dalhart, in the middle of the winter, forced to take a job on a local ranch. And the funny thing is, he kind of likes it.


The blond, green-eyed cowboy loves a good party almost as much as riding bulls. The problem is partying has gotten in the way of his bull riding, and now he’s got to figure out how to get back on track.
Here’s an excerpt from Sugarwater Ranch, a contemporary rodeo romance,  available at Amazon, B&N, ARe, Evernight Publishing, and Bookstrand. The paperback will be out by the end of the month on Amazon.

“What about your family?” Catherine asked. “I know Frannie, and I knew of your mother. You come from nice people.”

“Nice people, that’s my family,” Sean muttered, “all but me.”
She glanced over to him. “You’re nice people. You just hide it well.” The giggle burst out of her.
Sean had never heard her giggle. She didn’t seem like the giggling type of woman. Then he realized what she’d said.
“I hide it well? And I suppose you can see right through me to the warm chocolaty core?”
She giggled again then laughed outright. And laughter looked very good on Catherine Silvera.
“Chocolaty core. Good description. I just need to lick through the hard sugar shell.”

Oh hell, the mental image just about blew him out of his boots. 

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Do you have a favorite bullrider? Or, do you prefer someone who competes in another event?


  1. Ah, gotta love bull riders…or cowboys in general. I'm not fussy which event they compete in, although there is 'something' about bull riders…

    Hard to go past Ty Murray, but I also love Mike Gaffney, Troy Dunn and Brendon Clark (Aussies represent)!

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