Four Heart Review for Sugarwater Ranch

The Book Chick gave Sugarwater Ranch a 4 Heart Review on her blog.

Here is an excerpt:

Sugarwater Ranch was an amazingly sweet story about a man spiraling out of control and the woman who brought him from the brink. Together they find themselves and a soul-deep love.

Sean O’Connell was a mans-man. A rough and tumble cowboy who had a core of sweet sensitivity. Life had dealt Sean some serious blows and he responded by turning to alcohol…a lot…which caused his life to sink lower and lower. After the death of his father, Sean lost any relationship with his remaining family — his mother and younger sister. When his mother died, leaving him a settlement of money, he lost the trickle of relationship that existed between he and his sister when she refused to give him his money. His sister, Frannie, gave Sean a clear directive on how he could get the money due to him — STOP DRINKING. What did Sean do in response? Drink more! The relationship was sad because Sean was a virtual pariah to his family. Frannie’s husband didn’t want him around his wife or their little baby girl, Rose. On a bender, Sean decided to go to Frannie’s house and confront her. Well, the little “confrontation” didn’t really happen because Frannie’s husband busted Sean down and beat his hide. Licking his wounds, Sean went searching for comfort in a bottle which lands him at Sugarwater Bar, bringing him into Catherine’s life.

Catherine has her own hangups in life. The daughter of an abusive drunk, Catherine abhors alcoholics and is irritated at the sight of Sean passed out drunk in front her bar. After being unresponsive to her at first, she discovers that he’s alive and not dead. She manages to cajole him out of his truck and into hers. She gets him to her house and cares for him by dumping him into her bed and sleeping on the sofa. The next morning sheds light on the situation. Catherine recognizes Sean as the boy who saved her from a group of bullies when she was younger but she also recognizes him as the drunk that he is. She is isn’t interested! …… At first. But Sean slowly works his way into her life and her heart.

Sugarwater Ranch was a wonderful and heartwarming story of unanticipated love bringing two broken souls together, making them whole in each other.

Evernight Publ.

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