Memorial Day Thanks

This was a good week. Celebration and remembrance of those who sacrificed so we can retain our freedom always makes me thankful. It’s inspiring to drive along the streets of my small town and see row after row of flags waving in the breeze. Well, it was more like a hurricane than a breeze, but that didn’t detract from the beautiful red, white and blue.

For our family, Memorial Day is a time to remember Howard Schoonover. Although I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting my mother’s older brother, I’ve always called him Uncle Howard. He was a bombardier on a B-29 in Korea and was shot down just after takeoff from the base. All on board were killed.

I’d like to give thanks to Uncle Howard and all the other selfless men and women who gave all to their country. Do you have any special people or memories you’d like to share?

As for my #writemotivation goals, I’m doing great on the exercise and finally found time to edit. I back on track with only a few more days. How is everyone else doing?


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