#writemotivation and the super moon

I tried for a picture of the moon on Saturday night, but my camera exposure was off. I had a great picture of night but no moon. I settled on a picture of Communication instead.

This is my first post for #writemotivation, and I’m excited. I met my goals for the first week of May, barely, but as the Cowboy always says, “A win is a win.”

My first goal is the easiest and the most fun–call my mom once a week. She initiates most of the calls, I need to make the effort and see what shes up to now. With my mom, I never know. She’s got more energy than ten people.

My second goal was to edit at least ten pages of my WIP each day, and I’ve exceeded so far. Yeah!

The third goal is to exercise thirty minutes a day. I thought this would be hard, but my darling husband helped by planting eighty acres of alfalfa and wheat. Gated pipe needs to be set in order to water. Mother nature helped out by raining buckets the first of the week, but we need to be able to irrigate by Thursday. Farming is the best (worst) exercise in the world, and it can’t be postponed.

How is everyone else doing? Have your met your goals?


  1. I like your goals. I only set writing ones. Yay for making all of yours. I do, however, try to exercise everyday. I figure if I don't take care of me, I won't feel like doing anything else. I would love to have "wide open space." Maybe someday. Now, I can stretch my arm and touch my neighbor's house. Not really. But almost.

  2. Thanks, Alison. We love living in the country. Our closest neighbor is 1/2 mile away and we have great neighbors. I tend to put off exercising. When I rode every day, I didn't have to worry about exercise. Writing changed that. 🙂

  3. Worthy goals. Lately the only goal I seem to meet is either hiking-related or cooking-related. Writing is taking a backseat. But, it happens sometimes.
    I'm proud of you for editing 10 pages a day! And I love the smell of alfalfa and spring wheat!

  4. Wheat grows so fast you can almost see it. I'll be happier when the first watering is done, but it's beautiful. I've read your hiking posts, and they sound great, except the dog and the fishing hook. Makes you wonder what would happen if that woman's child got hurt and she was the only one to help.

  5. Oh, I can't imagine what she'd have done. Just screamed, I guess. I wish the hook had gotten caught in the dog's lip. But from now on, I'm carrying a utility knife.
    My daughter and her husband are branding. She's become a very good roper in just two years. I'm going next season!

  6. Branding is a lot of work and a lot of fun. Is your daughter thinking of breakaway or team roping? There are a lot of girl's and mixed team ropings, ranging from newbie to expert.

  7. I miss the wide open spaces of the Rockies! Maybe one day I'll get back there. I also miss the tiny villages and then the wide open spaces of England. I hope to get back there one day too! Man, I want to live everywhere!

    Congrats on your goals. Forward momentum, no matter how small is still progress.

    Thanks for sharing! 😀 Also, I tried to get a picture too, my phone is not so good 😛 and our high end camera's lens is out of whack because our son dropped it 🙁 But hey, we got to see it, I got a semi ok picture. 🙂 It's all good.

    Jamie Dement

  8. I've lived in the Northwest my whole life, and I wouldn't change that. I love it here. It is fun to travel and seeing England and Scotland is on my list.
    Thanks for visiting. Go #writemotivation.

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