Farming vs #writemotivation

My goals for #writemotivation were pushed off track this week. We have eighty acres of new seeding, oats and alfalfa. This is the first watering of the season, and I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.

Trudging through mud and using a hoe to get the water down the right corrugates is exhausting, not to mention the blisters. If I hadn’t spent the last few years sitting at my computer, I’d be in better shape and could take this in stride. In case you hadn’t realized, typing is sedentary and farming is not.

I remember when I got my day job as a secretary. I thought I had found heaven. The work was so much easier than the farming I had done for ten years. It was a easy, physically, but I had forgotten how nice it is hearing  the birds sing and watching our dog play in the water. There is nothing better than standing in the middle of a field, listening to quiet.

As for my goals, the first was easy: exercise for thirty minutes a day. Done and done.
The second is to edit ten pages a day. I’ve made five several times, but the rest will have to wait on the water.

How are the rest of you doing?


  1. that sounds wonderful. i always feel better after an exhausting day of labor outside – it just takes a hell of a motivator to get me started. even with all of that work in the fields, you still found time to make some progress with your goals. that is good!

  2. Thanks Valerie. The water is running better today and I can see the end of the first runs. I'm getting in better shape and that helps. Life is good.

  3. Thanks Alison. Things are getting easier and the grain is growing like crazy. You can almost see it grow.

    Jamie, I have gotten a little more editing done yesterday, so yea!

    Hope you both have a great weekend.

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