Munchkins But Not From The Wizard Of Oz


 Munchkin Kittens

Miss Congeniality
Fancy-Long Legged
are a genetically natural breed of cat commonly called the Corgi of the cat world. Short-legged cats have been documented a number of times around the world since the 1940s. A British veterinary report in 1944 noted four generations of healthy short-legged cats which were similar to normal cats except for the length of the legs. This line disappeared during the Second World War but other short-legged cats were spotted in Russia in 1956 and the United States in the 1970s. In 1983, a music teacher in Louisiana found 2 pregnant cats who had been chased by a bulldog under a truck. She kept one of the cats and named her Blackberry and half of her kittens were born short-legged. One of the short-legged male kittens from one of Blackberry’s litters was given to a friend, and she named the kitten Toulouse. It is from Blackberry and Toulouse that today’s Munchkin breed is descended.They tend to be on the small side,  typically weighing between 4 to 8 pounds when full grown. However, they tend to think they are as big as a lion. Approximately 40% of the kittens will be born with long legs, such as Fancy, a Cinnamon Point kitten. Born in a rainbow of colors, most of my kittens were touched with a form of the Chocolate gene. They ranged from Bramble, a Dark Chocolate to Dreamy, a rare Lilac Point. As Dreamy aged, her ears, legs and nose darkened to a soft lilac while her body remained cream.
Miss Congeniality (Genie), Smoke and Mocha are varying shades of Chocolate.
Bella is a Seal Point.
My favorite color is the chocolate tabby–Tumbleweed.
The Munchkin is generally described as a sweet-natured, playful, people-oriented, outgoing and intelligent cat which responds well to being handled. They have a ferret-like personality. They often behave more like a dog than a cat. Although their legs are very short, some barely over an inch long, they can jump as high as a regular cat and get into just as much mischief. Find out more about Munchkins at Wikipedia
Bella Luella-MomCat
I currently own two Munchkin short-legs, Martin and Mysto Magia, a chocolate long-leg daughter of these two, Bosco and a run of the mill, 17 pound black cat named Darwin.They live happily together with my Border Collie, Dottie.
Who was your favorite cat? Have you owned a special breed cat? What did you think of their personalities?


  1. How cute! We've had quite a number of cats, but we're down to one, a Norwegian Forest cat I found in a drainage ditch when he was just a little kitten. He's unique in appearance and has a unique personality. Intelligent, friendly, independent. Loves cold weather.

  2. I've seen pictures of Norwegian Forest cats. Very unique. Funny that he loves cold weather. My short guys curl up together into a big ball and sleep.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I always thought there would be cartiledge and/or joint problems with these cats. With my Scottish Folds, the gene that makes their ears fold also causes carilege problems in their joints. Luckily, with my oxymoron cats (straight eared Folds) this doesn't affect them. However, Itty Bitty, my folded Fold, already shows stiffness in her hind quarters all the way down her tail and she's just 5. I love kitties, I love their personalities and the love the honor us. My Scottish Folds are just as loving as my American Domestic Shorthairs. Each has their own uniique qualities. I may have to post about my kitties too! 🙂

    Jamie Dement

  4. Amazingly, there are no genetic joint or bone problems with Munchkins. I have heard that problems arise when a Munchkin is bred to a Manx. They end up with joint problems. I haven't had any problems with either the long legs or the short legs.
    When I first neutered my male chocolate, he wanted to fight with my domestic. Martin, the Munchkin is about 5 lb and Darwin is at least 17 lb and he was scared of Martin. Now they are friends. Love their personalities.

  5. Oh my – they are soooo cute! I'd never heard of them before. I've had several cats over the years, and I think they are awesome; but I have to admit, my heart fully belongs to my dogs.

    Wishing you a very productive #writemotivation month,

  6. It's funny because their personalities are more like dogs than cats. Martin the Munchkin always goes with me and my dog when we walk or gather cattle. I get a kick out of watching him follow the border collie, Dottie, when she's working cattle.
    I'm sure I'll see you on the #writemotivation page. Thanks for stopping by.

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