Tsunami Blue-review

I recently returned from the Emerald City Writer’s Conference in Seattle, Washington, my first. If I could, I’d already be signed up for next year.
All of the attendees received a super abundance of books. Free books. All kinds of books. I made the decision to read my way through them and possibly find some new favorite authors. The book on the top of the stack happened to be Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams. I got lucky. For a debut book, its spellbinding, with an original storyline. Blue, the main character is tough, self sufficient and, at times, very funny. Sexy Gabriel Black turns out to be the good guy, even though Blue isn’t sure until the end of the book. Super charged with paranormal activity and just plain bad guys, Blue and Gabriel fight their way to a new world.
I’d recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense with their hot romance. Good job, Gayle.

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