Sugar Coated Cowboys

gimmeamazonGimme Some Sugar

Sugar Coated Cowboys-Book 1

Pastry chef, Cary Crockett, is on the run. Pursued by a loan shark bent on retrieving gambling debts owed him by her deadbeat ex-boyfriend, she finds the perfect hiding place at the remote Circle W Ranch. More at home with city life, cupcakes and croissants than beef, beans and bacon, she has to convince ranch owner Micah West she’s up to the job of feeding his hired hands. The overwhelming attraction she feels toward him was nowhere in the job description.

Micah West has a big problem. The camp-cook on his central Oregon ranch has up and quit without notice, and his crew of hungry cowboys is about to mutiny. He agrees to hire Cary on a temporary basis, just until he finds the right man to fill the job. Maintaining a hands-off policy toward his sexy new cook becomes tougher than managing a herd of disgruntled wranglers.

Love never tasted so good.

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sweetcowboykissesSweet Cowboy Kisses

Sugar Coated Cowboys-Book 2

To attain his dream of becoming a World Champion bull-rider, Kade Vaughn must ride the bad one they call Swamp Fox. But in two previous rides, the big bull’s given Kade two disqualifications and a severe concussion. Now the cowboy’s on a forced vacation at his friends’ ranch, near the little town of East Hope, Oregon. It’s all fine and dandy till the day he walks into the diner and comes face to face with a temptress in a Cleopatra wig. One who looks a lot like the girl he left behind, and who he’d give nearly anything to have back in his arms.

To get through each day, Pansy Lark pretends to be other women through cosplay. Famous, strong women who took what they wanted from life, instead of the other way around. Once she was a champion barrel racer with a bright future, and a cowboy she loved. She lost it all, leaving her with the driving need to prove she’s not that weak girl anymore. But when Kade walks back into her life, she must decide if real strength is in forgiveness.
Can sweet cowboy kisses heal her wounded heart?

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cowboyssweetheartCowboy’s Sweetheart

Sugar Coated Cowboys-Book 3

When Viola Beckett’s beloved twin brother was killed by a careless driver the intellectual young Physics student quit college and became an artist, vowing to enjoy every moment of the rest of her life. Her mousy brown hair became glorious blonde, green contacts brightened her brown eyes and her wardrobe went from drab to include every color in the rainbow.

Byron Garrett was bullied into a football career he didn’t want, by a father who wouldn’t listen. After traveling across the US, he found seclusion, along with peace and quiet, on the Circle W Ranch. With animals in greater supply than people and easier for Byron to understand, he’d found home. Some called him a hermit, but he was happy. Happy, that is, until a colorful tornado named Vivi blew into his life and rocked his world.
What this cowboy doesn’t want is a perpetually happy hippy girl. Or does he?

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Book 3 – Cowboy’s Sweetheart coming soon

Change of Heart Cowboys

radiorose_final_750eooksizeRadio Rose – Change of Heart Cowboys Book 1

Cowboys and aliens … on a dark, deserted highway, it can be hard to tell the difference.

Especially when Rose Wajnowski makes her living as a night DJ chatting about alien encounters with folks in tinfoil helmets. Her listeners are eccentric, to say the least. But she’s happy—sort of—with her solitary life. Until a midnight car crash and a blow to the head has her seeing tall, handsome extra-terrestrials instead of stars.

Adam Cameron, raised by his narcissistic grandfather, got out of Tullyville, Colorado the day he turned eighteen. He’s back ten years later for the reading of his grandfather’s will, but he’s not happy to be home. Except for meeting the pretty little brunette who nearly ran him down with her car on that dark highway.

Adam is about to be pulled into a contest for a vast fortune and the future of a town he’d just as soon forget. But the quirky inhabitants of Tullyville desperately need his help if their town is to survive. Luckily for him, this cowboy has feisty Rose at his side, and in his arms.

As they work together to save their town, Rose and Adam learn important lessons about trust and the real meaning of family.

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Book 2 – Love & Other Useless Things coming Fall 2017